Wilderness of Scotland without Car

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Did you know Sherlock Home was inspired by a real Scottish surgeon? Did you know J.K.Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book in cafe of Edinburgh? Did you know the inspiration for most famous Harry Potter character names were from a graveyard in Scotland? Well if not, Scotland has a lot more stories, and of course, breathtaking landscapes to offer you.

My Scottish adventure, as usual, was a last-minute plan and I had no itinerary to follow, so I just booked a three-day tour with MacBackpackers and let them be in charge of wherever they wanted to take me. I don’t even know the names of half of the places I visited but I later researched it just for you guys! So you better make a trip to Scotland soon!

IMG_1370Edinburgh is a beautiful small medieval town with rusty ochre and mud coloured ornamented buildings and cobbled streets. A good way to explore the city was a two-hour free walking tour organized to narrate stories that took place on the street in a very engaging way. My favorite was the story of a relentless and one of the worst poets, William McGonagall, you guessed it right, the name inspiration for Minerva McGonagall.

Our tour guide, Stuart was perhaps the inspiration for Jon Snow, but unlike him, he knew every damn thing about Scotland. He was dressed in traditional Scottish Kilt (dare you to say it skirt! It’s not a skirt) and had the super thick Scottish accent, like Jon Snow. Actually, George R.R. Martin drew inspiration from the Scottish and English century old friction to set the context of the North and the South in Game Of Thrones. Stuart’s stories of legends and myths, history of battles on the pretty looking mountains, history of development in small town and cities with a Scottish music in the background is what made the tour an experience rather than a photography trail.


The Hogwarts Express

So coming to the real part, the famous highlands. All of the highlands look like a scene from a sci-fi movie where the astronauts have suddenly arrived on a planet that is still untouched by human development.  Its green, misty, foggy with rolling mountain in shades of fall colors that you must have never seen before. Interestingly, highlands do not have huge mountains like the Himalayas, but the very fact that they look majestic and yet reachable is what makes the entire experience unique. There are numerous small and big lochs (loch and not lake) that stretch for miles with a scenic backdrop of mountains, waterfalls, and mist. If you choose MacBackpackers, you would get to stay overnight at a hostel on the bank of Loch Ness and if you are lucky, you can see three rainbows on top of each other on a fine day. You see the sunrise from your room amidst that scenic backdrop for just 15 Pound for a night, I would say that was the cheap thrill luxury highlight of my trip.



As you go further into the highlands to the Isle of Skye, the terrain turns from green rolling mountains to rusty rugged and rocky terrain. Interestingly, Isle of Skye has only 10,000 permanent residents but at a given time, the living population of the Isle is 70,000. That means 60,000 tourists and yet you can hardly see homo sapiens around you. I was reading Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and perhaps that is what added all the drama to how I was interpreting my observations. In my experience, you will have blips of moment where what you see would look like perhaps this is the end of the world. There are cliffs with waterfalls and then endless sea or when you hike the Old Man of Storr you will see small islands with no habitations and rocky geological formations. Surely, I felt perhaps this is where they must have shot some movies where they want to give a non-earthy outer planet look.

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And did I forgot to mention, all of this was super cheap? So if you were in doubts about visiting Scotland or you think it’s impossible to see all these places without a car,  I hope this article gives you a glimpse of how amazing your Scottish adventure could be, even without your beloved car.

IMG_1326Someone on the Skye. Stuart is tired of us 😛


Detox trip to the Andamans

thumb_DSC03650_1024The Andamans, truly said are the hidden treasures of India. My trip to this paradise was last minute and unplanned. Though I  definitely brought my swim suit and I could not wait to jump into the warm waters of any damn beach. The city is a bit of a deviation and surprise from my imagination of a remote place; it is probably one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. This could be the model town of swatch Bharat abhiyaan. No kidding.


After a short evening visit to the Cellular Jail and a serene sunset at Coyle Beach, we ended our day wth simple dinner and a roundtable conference to decide our itinerary. Andaman is a group of 572 islands and currently, 38 are inhabited. Sorry 37, the southern tip of India – Indira Point is now submerged after the Great disastrous Tsunami. Nicobar islands are far remote and have only 1 flight every week. So that is crossed out. It’s going to be Havelock Island, North Bay, Jolly Bouy, Chidiya Tapu, Barraton tribal area, Samudrika Naval marine museum, and Anthropology museum.

Havelock Island


Havelock or I must say, Haven – Locked is named after some Britisher. This is real Andaman. Lush green rainforest with a pristine beach silhouette. The jetty from Port Blair takes about 3 hours and is quite comfortable. I advice you to book it in advance. By the way, Andaman is the only place in India that has rain forest, deciduous forest and mangroves living in mutual collaboration. I expected it to have white sand with clear blue water, beach chairs, cool breeze and coconut water but what I did not expect was the dedicated cycle track and footpath. So even if you are not a cycle lover, for the respect of this effort hire one and drive. It’s a small island and all the resorts are located in one line along the coast. The beach just behind the resorts has shallow water as clear as crystal. You can literally see each grain of sand as you walk in.  You will feel like you are a king and this is your private beach with no one but yourself. I sat there wondering how shall I describe this place in my blog. Still wordless.

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Havelock has Asia’s biggest beach- Radhanagar. We packed our swimsuits and boarded the taxi for a dip. Let me just tell you that transfer on this island is a costly affair. The taxi fellow will charge around 1500 rs for the drop. You can get an auto as well but the best way is to take the government bus that leaves from Havelock jetty every hour and charges only 10rs. I got to know about it later so I burned my money anyway. Truly said, Radha Nagar beach IS the best beach in Asia. Forget Phuket, Krabi, Goa, Gokarna, Maldives or whatever damn beaches you have been to. The water is so clean and the seabed is so smooth, rockless that you would straight away jump in the water.  If you are not much of water lover, don’t worry the place has a lot more to often. You can find a spot in one of the bamboo shacks or the wooden log benches located in the forest next to the beach. It is surrounded by tall trees, so pick a book and chill. The beach also has clean changing rooms and shower area, food stalls and shopping booth.Although you might find the same stuff cheaper in North Bay. The food stalls serve everything hot and freshly made. Do try the Bangladeshi style tea.

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You can totally spend an entire day on the beach and probably want to come back again like we did. The best part is the beautiful sunset. The changing colours of the sky from yellow to pink with a nuance of red and finally deep blue as the sun sets is truly a mesmerizing view to behold. As the sun goes down, I lied down looking at the sky and watching bright starts popping here and there. In no time the entire sky looked like diamonds spread across the teal blue sky. Did not bother capturing this in the camera. Some memories are best without it. Time to head back for a good night rest. Tomorrow is a scuba day!. Yayyhhhh.

How I planned a budget trip to Jodhpur

thumb_DSC01874_1024It’s a mundane day at work. You’re busy submitting proposals, attending meetings and tick marking your to-do list for the day. And then suddenly there is this strong urge to rush home, pack your bags and just leave.

This was the exact scenario when the thought of planning a trip to Jodhpur from Ahmedabad. But then the thought of expensive hotels, last-minute hiked up costs etc led me to put a break to my impromptu plans.

However, I am glad I went ahead with the trip since it turned out to be a big myth-breaker. Yes, it is possible to find budget hotels, travel inexpensively…in short have a budget holiday! Here are my tips to plan an economical trip to the Blue City.

How to reach

Jodhpur is at a convenient overnight journey from Ahmedabad (450kms from the city); trains are the most convenient and economical way to reach the city.

Budget: Rs 620/- Round fare in sleeper class or you can opt for 3AC for Rs 1500 round trip.


Budget Hotels in Jodhpur

Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, the best way to keep it economical is to opt for hostels on sharing basis. The city has a number of budget hostels but I would personally recommend Zostel since I recently lodged there. To my surprise, the dorms are well kept and quite clean. They provide you all the basic facilities like internet, food on order, kitchen, AC and a common room with some fun board games, a guitar to play and a TV to watch the finals of world cup (got emotional here).

Although, the internet is not quite 4G but hey it’s not bad when you are paying just 350/- per night for all these facilities (Cursing those 3-star hotels that you have been booking for Rs 2000?)

Usually the hostellers look for company to share the travel mode and expense within the city and food to cut down the cost on travelling and dining. So sharing is the first rule for any budget trip and meanwhile you get to meet awesome new people, listen to their travel stories learn about their countries and eventually make friends round the globe.

Perks of budget trip!

Budget: 350/- for one night and 2 days stay.

How to travel

2Jodhpur is a small city and hence everything is almost just a few kilometres away. Although, I would recommend walking and skipping the wheels, you can get local bus service just opposite to Zostel or catch a rickshaw on sharing basis. Usually any trip will not cost you more than Rs 30-40 one way per person. The city surprisingly has a good Uber service as well, but I would suggest avoiding it and keeping it minimalistic.

Budget: Rs 30 one way. On an average, Rs 150 per day on transport.

Best Places to See in Jodhpur

Mehrangarh fort


Popularly known as “The Blue City”, Jodhpur is one of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan. The brawny Mehrangarh Fort mounted at the hill top of the city is the largest and most spectacular Indian fort. Also called as “the citadel of sun”, the fort has 7 major gates and each of the entrance will leave you baffled with its daunting beauty and architecture. The structure is made with red sandstone and each section of the fort is like a history ride of different architecture styles that evolved over the period of time. The abrupt transition is what makes it so remarkable. Made by the mighty king Rao Jodha, the fort was further renovated and extended by Maharaja Man Singh in the glory of his victory over Jaipur and Ajmer region.

12The fort has one of the well-stocked museums in India. Ranging from prestigious palanquins, pottery, currency, tapestry, flamboyant royal attires and the famous armoury displaying the most unique and attractive collection of arms. The collection certainly drifts you back to the 20th century and urges you to imagine the lifestyle of the royals.

10Although, you can see the blue patches from the top, but the city is hardly blue today. With time the famous blue cubes, which were marked the residence of Brahmins, have been painted with modern colours.

The fort also has some souvenir shops and a café at the foot hill. I do not recommend shopping from here as it is a bit over price, but the café is definitely worth a coffee. Perfect spot for enjoying the sun slowly settling down of the fort.

The fort is open for entry from 10am to 5pm. I would recommend a visit the fort at around 4 PM and enjoy the sunset and the view of the city from the top.

Entry fee for the Indians is nominal Rs 60 and for the foreigners Rs 500.

Budget for this visit:  Transport to and fro: Rs 60, ticket: Rs 60, snacks: Rs 150-270.

Umaid Bhavan Palace

1This is another must-see place in Jodhpur. The view of Umaid Bhavan from the terrace courtyard of Mehrangarh fort is so majestic and grand that you need no persuasion or motivation to visit this palace. Completed in the year 1943, this palace was then the largest royal residence in the world. 347 rooms under one roof is an architectural marvel to ogle upon.

One must think and question the functionality and tenacity of such a grand residence but the actual purpose behind this venture was to provide employment to more than 1000 farmers during the draught period. Well, true kings do look after their people!

thumb_DSC01891_1024Part of the palace is converted into museum, a part of it is run by Taj Hotels and the major area is still the royal residence of the current king Maharaj Gaj Singh. It is said that the hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

How would it be to live in a hotel like this! Well, dreams don’t cost anything even on a budget trip!

If you are obsessed with vintage cars, this trip might just give you an adrenaline rush as the palace displays a huge collection of the royal vehicles since 1917.

Budget: Entry fee Rs 60; and transportation: Rs 80/- to and fro.

Must See: Little Greece in India

16While the city is blessed with mighty forts and splendid palace, the blue side of the city is amazingly photogenic and if you are a lens lover, it will be a crime to miss this spot.

Hidden in the alley of Navchokiya, this shaded blue cityscape is one-of-its-kind in India. I like to call it the Indian Greece. In the heat of the city, this blue cityscape is like a mint cooler to the eyes. Blue flushed walls with intricate carving, the jharokha style windows and the green lofty doors is a sight you will not find anywhere else in the world.

You will need to walk and explore between the alleys as there are only a few lanes and houses that still have this phenomenal elevation and that’s what makes it even more special.

The best way to reach here is to catch a rickshaw from the clock tower. You can use Singhvi’s Haveli as a landmark reference.

Budget: Rs 80

Things to Buy from Jodhpurthumb_DSC01925_1024

Like any other Rajasthan town, the bazaar area is colourful and vibrant and crowded. Every corner of the market pretty much screams India. Traditional clothes, Indian spices, bargaining foreigners, typical Indian sellers, sweet shops, snack shops, ethnic stores and what not.

Since the market area is too crowded and could get too confusing, here is a small list of genuine shops that you must try.

MM Spice – Amazingly interesting tea flavours like banana, ginger lemon honey, guava, litchi and of course all the famous Indian spices. The best part is you get air tight packets with a recipe pamphlet. This time skip the regular souvenirs and take a little bit of India.

Bohemian Blue: For all the ethnic and traditional attires and home décor items.

Mahi silver jewellery: You might have to walk a little to find this place but you will find amazing traditional silver and gold jewellery at genuine price.

Budget: Duh!

Places to Eat

Delicious sweets, Rajasthani thali, dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi….there’s so much to eat! But to name a few (budget food), you must try Rajasthani thali at Priya restaurant near Clock Tower. I recommend the Makhani Lassi. I cannot even describe how delicious it is. Just try it!

Another historic place to try food in Jodhpur is the omelette shop at Ghantaghar Market (near Clock Tower). The place is running since last 30 years. The owner/chef of the joint is extremely hilarious and will keep you entertained with the anecdotes about the city while he serves the omelettes. The place has an elaborate menu to suite everyone’s taste. Ideal for morning breakfast and late night snacks. I recommend the delicious Spanish omelette.

Of course, it is our moral duty to take back home some sweets and I must say there is nothing better than Janta Sweet Home. There is a wide range of Indian sweets, mixture and snacks but skip the routine and take Malai Ghevar or Bundi laddoo, the traditional Rajasthani desserts. Apart from sweets do try spicy and intense Pyaz Moong Kachori. I bet you will go for round two.

Some of the other places that you can try are Gypsy restaurant and Pal Haveli.

Budget: Rs 100-150 per person per meal.

15In the end, take a little time, visit the fort at night and behold the beautiful twinkling view of the city. You surely will think and promise yourself to come back as it is experience like this that inspire you to live larger than life.

To sum it up:

The trip deserves a cheer and your pocket won’t mind a couple of beer.

Ohh! Mind the calculation: You have just spent Rs 4000 and you still have a thousand left for the next trip. Keep travelling!

5 reasons to go to Asiatique riverfront

Enjoy a Ferry Ride

8Ferry ride along the Chao Phraya River is the best way to travel around the old city. It takes you along China market, Riverwalk, Wat Arun, Grand Palace, Asiatique river front and many more. Most of these piers have Riverview cafes, walkway, souvenir shops and of course mouthwatering sea food. Amid all these destinations, I made a difficult decision and choose to spend the evening at Asiatique river front.

Embellished with fairy lights, Chinese lantern and neon lights running across the deck, the place looks like a grand theatre stage from far. You just cannot keep your cameras in your pocket and miss this picturesque view from the ferry ride.

Take a Walk Together

1Be it with your girl gang or someone special, take your time and walk around the riverfront. It offers an array of entertainment options ranging from street shopping, live music, stage performances, city view from the giant wheel, community games and of course the very famous cabaret shows at Calypso cabaret.

Romantic dinner

7If you are a foodie or on a date, skip the sightseeing and pick a dinning of your choice. The deck has beautifully lit river view restaurants with classic jazz and local music, perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. For the taste lovers there is Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian food in the plaza area with some quirky live band and local puppet shows.

Desserts and Drinks

Although famous as an open air shopping mall in Bangkok, the place has a lot more to it. Going back to the history, it is built on the land that was a warehouses for a Danish company functional during World War II. So basically you can grab a beer at the old sawmill or shop some souvenir at the World War II bomb shelter. Quirky right?

If beer is not enough to satisfy the explorer in you, indulge in some home made bakery products and desserts as they are a complete delight. Needless to say, alluring chocolate aroma shall guide you to the stalls. My favorite pick would be the bakery stall just at the hallway entrance and crepe ice-creams.

Although famous as an open air shopping mall in Bangkok, the place has a lot more to it. Going back to the history, it is built on the land that was a warehouses for a Danish company functional during World War II. So basically you can grab a beer at the old sawmill or shop some souvenir at the World War II bomb shelter. Quirky right?

If beer is not enough to satisfy the explorer in you, indulge in some home made bakery products and desserts as they are a complete delight. Needless to say, alluring chocolate aroma shall guide you to the stalls. My favorite pick would be the bakery stall just at the hallway entrance and crepe ice-creams.

Just Be in the Moment

In the end, before hopping on to your ferries, spend a little lone time on the deck -feeling the cool breeze and beholding the twinkling light of the far seen skyline as the city awaits you with more surprises

My Tips:

  1. Take a sky train to Thaksin station. You can pick a free ferry with orange flag to the destination or a regular paid ferry for 20 Baht per person-one side

  2. Do not hesitate to bargain. Go all out.

  3. Preferably reach before 5:30 to enjoy the sunset and nightlife.


Decoding Kolkata’s Burra Bazar

Calcutta (or Kolkata as it is now called) is a city soaked in stories of valor, legends of literature, archetype of architecture and fusion of cultures. It was my third visit to Kolkata and this time I decided to take detour from the prominent attractions and visit the chaotic yet vibrant market of Burrabazar.
Justifying its name, “Burra Bazaar” is one of the biggest wholesale markets in eastern India. Famous for wedding shopping, this market is nothing less than a labyrinth of alleys  replete with shops and stalls selling everything that you desire.

History of Burra Bazar:

2Hidden behind the vibrant shops and busy streets of this market is the long forgotten Jewish history. Judaism was probably the first foreign religion to arrive in India. Jews initially visited India for trade and majority of them came from Baghdad and Syria. They settled across the ports of Bombay, Calcutta and Cochin.  The first Jewish trader who settled in Calcutta was a jeweller and was later honored as the court jeweller for a Muslim emperor and his son in Lucknow. Nevaeh Shalom, the first of the five Synagogues (praying halls of Jews) built across Kolkata is situated at Burra Bazaar (China Market).

Who knew shopping could be so informative!

It is the history and rich culture hidden behind these chaotic walls that drives me to visit such precinct markets. One needs to feel the ground to understand and learn what it is made of, rest are just numbers and words written in the books.

Method to Madness:

In the first go, one cannot comprehend the randomness of this place as you will see a dozen of parallel activities. Hand-rickshaw pullers maneuvering through congested alleys, vendors organizing their shops in impossibly small areas, customers bargaining like it is their last chance to shop and people balancing cartons four times their weight on their heads.
5The place is an utter mess and yet to me it looked like a drama scene of a marketplace where characters are busy playing their roles and knew exactly how they are meant to move and behave. Although cluttered, the setting was in a perfect harmony.


It took me a couple of minutes to capture this view before I truly started exploring the market. Burra bazaar is vast and you are bound to get lost if you do not know the geography. The market is categorized into streets, with each street selling specific line of products.

Exploring the Market:

I felt that the best way to figure out where to explore is to ask the locals. Language could be a problem but everyone around here is extremely friendly. As advised by the locals, I decided to explore some prominent area of the market: Satyanarayan AC Market, Banstalla Street, Kalakar Street and Bagree Market.
7Satyanarayan AC Market is ideal if you are new to this area and want to have a comfortable shopping experience in this underground market. Contrary to its name, the market is little suffocating and claustrophobic. Broadly describing, it majorly encompasses imitation jewelry and ethnic wear stores with some silver sellers. I would recommend checking other places in Burra bazaar as they are comparatively reasonable.
Unlike Satyanarayan AC Market, Bastalla Street and Kalakar Street are super congested with narrow lanes spreading like branches of a tree. As you walk in, you can see a huge range of sarees and dress material with vibrant colours and embroideries on either sides of the street. Though I did not pick anything for myself in particular, but I can assure you that you will definitely find something of your choice at a very reasonable price. Apart from clothes, the streets are loaded with stalls selling Chinese lanterns, fruits, souvenirs, and other sparkling things.

What to eat at Burra Bazaar?

If you are already tired with all the walking and shopping, take a break and savor the utterly delicious street food at Banstalla and Kalakar Street. The street has an array of stalls selling tempting dishes like dahi kachori, matka kulfi, samosas, chaat, jalebi, bhelpuri, jhalmuri, ragda patties, pavbhaji, chole kulche and of course famous Bengali sweets.
With heavy hands and empty pockets, it was time for me to retire for the day and come back to the modern world where trams have been replaced by metros, shops by malls and tea stalls by cafes. I left with a lingering thought and a desire to come back.

Useful Tips:

  • The best way is to take a taxi for Satyanarayan AC Market. The location is available on Google maps.
  • Best time to visit the market is late morning around 11. You can avoid all the traffic and busy streets.
  • While returning, expect a lot of walking to catch a cab or taxi because all roads are one way.
  • Do carry shades and water.

The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew for history and architecture buffs:


Grand Palace is situated in the heart of Bangkok and is built across the bank of river Chao Phraya. The swaying reflection of this ornamented landmark in the river will leave you in an awe with its beauty and architecture. It is one of the top tourist destination in Thailand as it has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782. As you walk in from the main entrance, on your left you can see the conglomerate of perfectly aligned building adorned with crimson sloping roofs and golden spires. The biggest of all is the bell shaped stupa with a tall pointed spire, representing the Buddha and his path to enlightenment.

The largest of the palace buildings is the Grand palace hall, also known as Chakri Mahaprasat. The exterior of the building is a beautiful blend of Italian renaissance and Thai architecture as each building is mounted with layered ornamented spires. I must say this monument is an inspiration for all architects and engineers to design and create something unique.

Picture1The Borombhiman hall, located at the eastern corner of the complex building was the royal Residence of King Rama VI. Today, it is guarded by armed troopers and can only be viewed through its iron gates. Although, if you are lucky you might get the chance to see the “Changing of Guards”. It is an interesting ceremony where the old guard hand over the responsibility of protecting the palace to the new guard. Both the guards religiously follow the choreographed routine before they exchange places.

Adjoining the Grand Palace is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew. It is built in Ratanakosin style (old-Bangkok style) with a fine touch of Dravidian architecture. South Indian influence on Thai art and culture was prominent during the rule of Pallavas and the Cholas in South India. This isn’t all, as you explore the temple you shall see interesting artifacts displaying the common legend between Hindu and Buddhist cultures. The giant guard at the entrance gate, also known as Yaksha resemble the mount of Lord Vishnu- Garuda and the entire compound wall of the complex is painted with Thai murals depicting scenes from the epic story of Ramayana.

It is such experiences that inspires me to travel more. I feel more connected to my roots and it helps me understand better how our worlds are connected, how political boundaries are mere lines on paper and how we all are different and yet the same.

The main temple hall is the tallest building in the complex and is decorated with golden carving and Garuda like structure sculpted over the entire periphery of the outer wall. The statue of the Buddha is carved from a single Jade stone and is ensconced at the end of the temple hall. Only the king and the crowned price can touch the statue or perform the religious ceremonies. (Photography is not allowed, if you visit please respect the same)

Being the top tourist attraction in Thailand, the temple is always flooded with tourist and yet it does not fail to tranquilize you. The chants of the tiny bells decorated in a linear fashion on the roofs, the cool breeze on a hot sunny day and the lush green landscape shall lighten your mood and help you clear your thoughts. You will want to come back because no matter how much time you spend here, your eyes will look for more.

My tips:

  • The place could turn out to be just another landmark for people who are not interested in architecture and History, but I still insist to visit here at least once.
  • Timings: Open from 8:30 to 3:30 PM.
  • Getting there: Easiest way is to catch a sky train for Thaksin Station and take the express boat ferry to Chang Pier.
  • Please read the dress code before visiting.
  • Keep half a day for this destination as there is a lot to see
  • Carry water as you do not get it inside
  • You can enquire for the specific time of change of guards
  • Entry fee is 500 Baht per person.

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi

Next: Riverfront for the couple in love…

Rendezvous with Bangkok

Picture11Epicenter of food, entertainment and Asia’s shopping capital, Bangkok has something for everyone. It has a different charm to itself. From busy streets and crowded pubs to silent river walks and peaceful temples (WATS), Bangkok has it all. As the sun sets behind the beautiful golden spires into the Chao Phraya River and the skyscrapers light up the night, the city transforms into one big stage. I give this city a hash tag of #touristfriendlydestination for its convenient transport network, welcoming culture and the variety of cuisines it offers. Reaching anywhere is so hassle free- hop on the sky train or go traditional with ferry rides. Take a tuk-tuk or enjoy the country side on a chauffer driven bike. This city offers the better of the 2 worlds-western infrastructure and Asian Culture.

From the numerous places I explored, here are my experiences and places to visit.

  • The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew for history and architecture buffs
  • River Front for the couple in love
  • Beer and food on the go
  • RCA and Sukhumvit 11 for the love of street shopping and Pub hopping

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Stay glued!

Just another wanderer!

Hello everyone out there! So this is the day I am finally taking up one of my long lost passion of sharing my travel experiences. The only impetus to take this up is to inspire people to travel more and travel far.

I am not a tourist, I travel less, I travel slow, I make mistakes when I plan, I end up messing up the little that I plan, I end up taking the wrong routes and then I realize how could have I seen this place if I had followed my plan. So I have not been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

I wish to share with all of you the quantum that I have learned from the little that I have travelled.

Will post shortly the experience of my latest travel to Thailand with few must visit places and few tips to make the most out of your trip.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

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